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Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Who says furniture can’t make a statement… Zachary Eastwood-Bloom’s “information ate my table” does just that. This piece of art aims to “question society’s dichotomous relationship with information in the digital age, as the quantity and accessibility of it both aids as well as overburdens us….The piece could not have been made without the assistance of digitally informed design, cutting and milling processes, and yet its function becomes disabled due to the process of its making, in itself a metaphor for this over-saturation.”—

I love how Eastwood-blooms work explores the relationship between the real and the virtual. But I think what drew me to this work was Eastwood-Bloom’s action of taking a functional items function away from it and turning it into a work of art that’s only purpose is viewing pleasure. Yes, this piece is technically still a table, but now its purpose is not to hold decorative items and coasters with your glass of lemonade set on it. This piece now operates as a standing statement.

"Information Ate My Table"

"Information Ate My Table" computer drafting

"Information Ate My Table" computer drafting

"Digital Decay"

Check out Zachary Eastwood-Bloom’s website for more amazing creations!


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