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Color Psychology in Interior Design

Colors can influence our body’s physiology and mental states. But Before we get started with this segment of color psychology, I must point out that though humans respond to colors in similar ways, it can affect each individual differently. This is because not ever person see color in the exact same way. People will associate color with certain good or bad memories. And a different culture will not always associate colors to similar meanings.

Yellow: The color yellow promotes happiness. Its associated with cheerfulness, warmth, and optimism. Yellow is stimulating to the body and mind, it can also increase metabolism and give you energy. Yellow is a great choice for kitchens where you spend your mornings.

yellow kitchen

yellow kitchen

Blue: Blue can have a calming effect and promote serenity. The color blue has actually been shown to lower our blood pressure and heart rate. It is also the most productive color. Blue is an excellent color choice for offices, bedrooms, and even spas.

blue office

blue spa

 Red: Red is the color of boldness, passion and excitement. This color stimulates emotions and energy. While it might make sense to use red paint in a workout room, this can actually overdo the sensation of feeling hot. Red also causes the blood pressure and heart rate to rise. So one should stay away from red if they  have high blood pressure. Red is a great color for restaurants because it actually promotes appetite.

red restaurant

red restaurant

 Pink: Pink is a very soothing and comforting shade. Various shades of pink reduce aggression and promote calmness and comfort. Because of this pink is a very appropriate color for nurseries and it was once used in prisons and insane asylums to calm patients and inmates.

pink nursery

 Orange: Orange promotes warm feelings, excitement, fun, and enthusiasm. It can also increase energy and positivity. This color works well in store fronts and shops for its ability to grab attention and give a fun energetic vibe. You can pep up any room with a splash of orange.

orange storefront

orange shop interior

 Green: Green can give a feeling of nature and serenity as well as tranquility and health. Green inspires concentration, calmness, and relaxation. Because of this green can be a great shade for bedrooms, offices, or spas.

green bedroom

green spa


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